Hashtag Reach higher but Organic lower

I just wanted to know if this is a Problem that more People noticed.
So: I get the same reach on every post (round about)
If I rank for Hashtags the “Home Page” reach goes down and I receive less likes because of it - the other way around is this case: I get a lot of “Home Page” reach and because they follow me because they like the content I get more likes.
Why is that? Was there an algorithm change that triggered something like that?
Here are Screenshot (German tho).
Can I do something about it? Because my ER drops because of that.

The first post has almost 2000 Likes and the second one almost 1000

I’m noticing the exact same thing. Instagram is giving me outrageous hashtag reach, but they won’t show my own followers squat.


Pasting an answer I wrote in September. It’s not that new, it happens sometime already.

P.S. Theoretically, you will get the most amount of followers to see your post when you don’t use hashtags or when your hashtags don’t work well. That’s what happens to me also.

P.S2. Some people also don’t use hashtags because that way their post get more views from explorer.


I wonder what the “other sources” category is. And wish Instagram would just show my followers my post instead of limiting that, like you said.

I’m experiencing this as well. Did you come up with something youself?