Hashtag Shadowbanned?

I have 175k followers and get at least 3k likes on every post, some even with 20k+ likes, but still don’t get more than 2k impressions from hashtags. For the first few months I used the exact same hashtags for all my posts, so I’m guessing this is why I’m not getting any hashtags reach. I still get explore reach and grow organically, but can’t seem to rank in hashtags. I stopped using hashtags for about a month and then started again with new randomized hashtags but still no luck. Is there any way to rank in hashtags again?

Do other posts with hashtags that you use get more engagement than yours?

Do you mean posts that I use hashtags vs those where I don’t?

No I mean posts of other users that get ranked for those hashtags, do they get a lot more likes and comments than yours?

Are your posts Carousel? (multiple photos) if yes, they wont show in hashtags… None of my Carosel posts go up in hashtags except for a few views like 1% of the total Reach of the post. Hashtags in Carousel posts are useless. For me at least.


What do you mean by “new randomised hashtags”?

How many are you using? Are they popular enough but not too busy? Are they banned? Are they relevant?

Most of my posts aren’t carousels.

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I used the staircase method with Jarvee hashtag research.

These might help. Or at least they’re similar topics.
Did IG change its hashtag algorithm recently

Has anyone found a fix to the reach drops?


Cheers for that

Not for all the accounts, for some of mine the reach dropped for the others I don’t see any difference whatsoever

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My home reach is good, but my hashtags have been a little spotty. But I honestly think I just need to pick better hashtags

Speak of the devil, I actually got hashtag reach today lol @mrspuf