Has anyone found a fix to the reach drops?

Hi everyone,

I am still experiencing these reach drops in hashtags, has anyone found a solution yet? I’ve been looking around but haven’t been able to find any. Any help would be appreciated!

note: I am using the same hashtags on every post so this could also be a reason why, but I have changed up my hashtags and see no difference.


When you say reach drop how much are you talking?

Maybe youre just using hashtags you cant rank top 9 in? Or engagement atm is generally low due to the situation

As we mentioned many times the most important today is the relevancy of the hashtags, you might be reaching people that don’t want to see your posts and as they don’t engage your overall reach decreases.

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Oh, yeah, this is permanent. Unless you pay for ads. Hashtag reach has been hit or miss since the algorithm recently changed

i used to be getting 3,000 reach from hashtags now i get 3!

my hashtags havent changed at all. and they were going really good.

really? damn!

Actually, what I’ve noticed is that hashtags only work for the posts that are truly “hits.” For me, at least

yeah thats kind of happening with me too!

I’ve realised that engagement went up since everyone is at home and on their phones, havn’t you?


Personally i have yes, but ive heard many more say the opposite! :slight_smile:

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yeah its picked up on most of my accounts except my lux account but i think thats just because i cant reach all of my followers. I believe my account was flagged for “spammy” behaviour as i was using the same hashtags on every post. i hope that it just goes away by waiting and mixing up my hashtags.

maybe overall engagement on IG but people are also probably posting for so maybe there is more competition for individual accounts?

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Yes, me too I think the reach and engagement is higher now

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Have a look at this similar thread where I added some tips that might help you.