Hashtag strategy and how to tackle them?

Hi fellow Tokers!

I just wanted to ask you guys, what’s your hashtag strategy and how you tackle hashtags. I myself try to use up to 4 (most of the time) hashtags (2 trending and 2 broad, let’s say fyp, foryou ect.).

Also, what do you guys think, if you are, let’s say like me, a photographer, you make photography content and you use trending hashtags, that don’t even relate to that trend, does it really matter or no? Should I use only broad and niche hashtags or do I also use the trending ones? Should you also switch them up time to time and not keep the same ones?

Would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic! :grinning:

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hey @AlenR :slight_smile: Would like to hear some thoughts and suggestions about this as well :slight_smile: