Hashtag Suggestions

Hey guys,

is there any reason the tool only shows 5 hashtags as a suggestion? It would be useful if it showed a lot more! Is there anything I can do for it to show all related results it can find?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Probably because of the Instagram API restrictions. You can try websta.me

In the next MP update we will add another option (a checkbox) if it is checked when you will do a search for a hashtag it will find 5 hashtag results and then MP will automatically check related hashtags for those 5 as well in order to provide more results ( thats how the other sites are doing it).
Would that work for you guys? Or you would want another way where you could set to scrape a minimum of x related hashtags and MP could scrape related hashtags of the results until it reaches that mininum.

The minimum would be perfect.

Your scraper is a lot better than others in that it gives as well results with a different word root. Filling in Iceland, your scraper also returns “Reykjavik”, whereas most other scrapers would only return results with “iceland” in them.

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