Hashtag Tiktok Research: The problem I encountered

I have a few problems but haven’t found a way to fix it, if any of you can fix it please help me. Thanks

  1. When I log in to my account, Tiktok announces: you have regular access
  2. I built 15 accounts but they didn’t have any views, I re-uploaded other people’s videos and used popular hashtags but nothing happened in a week, the numbers still 0 (Views, Like, Cmt, Follower)
  3. Which topic is most interested in American and European countries (I’m from Asia but I want to target countries that have European or American followers)
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Your main problem is posting someone else’s content. TikTok will never support, and tolerate that. As the very popular sound on the app says “I’m not gonna let you get the chance.” I don’t mean to be rude at all, just being honest with you, before you spend hundreds of hours on this.

Either post your own original content, or don’t bother at all. Hashtags won’t help you in this case. Filming yourself eating a piece of cake will get you more views than what you are trying to do now.

And literally any video can go viral, from looking at the camera, with just a trending sound in the background, to dogs and cats running. Have fun. Don’t worry too much about the views.


I agree with Nik original stuff are everything on TikTok


Nothing else to add. Or maybe stop creating so many accounts. I’m not sure it’s helping, maybe the opposite.
If you are from Asia, showing beautiful sceneries may be an idea. Stuff from Japan and Korea is very popular on tiktok. But please post your own content.

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The ‘0’ view issue is directly related to reposting other people’s content.

As the members above have discussed, TikTok has designed their platform around promoting original content, and heavily restricting any reposted content.

Whilst it is technically possible to use the reposting method, you must attempt to bypass the TikTok content filter by adjusting the following video specs:

  1. Change the video resolution by at least 20% - usually cropping the edges and going for a more portrait resolution is suited best for the platform.
  2. Flip the videos - as in mirror the entire video.
  3. Consider muting audio, or overlay trending TikTok audio if possible.

Using the 3 methods above attempt to repost one of the videos you were getting 0 views on. If this video starts gaining traction and getting views and likes you have successfully bypassed the content filter.

Hope this helps!

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thanks mate, nice tips :+1: :+1:

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You’re welcome :blush:

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Lots of nice advice, thanks everyone

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