[HASHTAG TIPS] Let's share our tips & discuss. I'll start

Here’s a list of tips I put together to succeed with Instagram hashtags.

  • Always use relevant hashtags. Hashtags that are related to your content.
  • Avoid super-popular hashtags (with lots of posts already) unless you have a super popular account.
  • Find niche hashtags with a lower amount of posts, but still over 10k posts.
  • Target hashtags where you are able to reach the “min likes”. So, for example, if your account gets on average 200 likes, then go for hashtags where the “min likes” is around 200 or under.
  • You don’t need to always use all 30 hashtags. It might be seen as spammy, and the optimal range is actually anywhere between 7 - 20 hashtags. But this is not a hard rule. You can use 30, you can use 3, you can use 20.
  • Don’t always use the same hashtags over and over again. You might find some hashtags that are working well for you, but if you over-use them and don’t switch, it might be seen as spammy and you could get shadowbanned.
  • Avoid banned hashtags at all costs. Actually MetaHashtags will let you know when a hashtag is banned, and you can also check the full list of banned hashtags.
  • Create your own hashtag. Initially, nobody will be using it, but it’s a neat way of keeping all your posts organized under one hashtag (or multiple of your own hashtags if you share about different things), and with enough time other people might start using it which will drive more traffic and views to you.
  • Avoid using ready-made hashtag lists that you will find in certain blogs or hashtag tools. They are usually not relevant, poorly put together, and it will hurt your hashtag game.

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Thanks for the tips, useful indeed.

Link is removed, so as video. I understand you want to promote your free hashtag tool, but one topic about it is enough, right?

We don’t allow self-promotion here with an exception for sites like yours, useful sites that do not ask for anything in return (yet :slight_smile: ).


thank you for sharing :pray:

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Do you think basing on min likes really works? This used to work very well years ago, but for a while now IG promotes all kinds of posts on all kinds of hashtags, it’s much more mixed where you will see posts with only a few likes on really large hashtags, so it filtering that way could bring a wrong sense of results? Or is the minimum an average?

Tell the part about using the same tags over and over to the people still copy and pasting the exact same hashtags every post and further more dominating the top sections of each and every one of those tags for months at a time. Makes no sense.

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Well, are these profiles you are referring to some older profiles, that already have big number of followers and great engagement? But it’s strange that they would do it this way.