Hashtagging For Multiple Posts

Hi again, curious about hashtagging for many posts at the same time, I see there is a function to have like a hub of hashtags and u can select how many you want to use per post etc.
I am wondering because I post 50 products at randomized times now that I will need to utilise this function.
How is everyone going with it? Should I still use hashtags when Im posting the exact same product over 50 accounts ( using hash randomizer ) or is it safer to not use hashtags at all?

Any input would be awesome, thanks.

P.S. Yesterday when I posted 1 product over 20 accounts I added a bunch of hashtags to it as I was tired and have been used to doing things a certain way. I was relieved when none of the accounts were disabled but realised I cant do that again else i suffer the consequences most likely.


Are your posts identical on all the accounts?

The only thing to keep in mind when using the random hashtag feature is multiple posts could end up using the same tag so if they’re all the same content… not sure how you’d feel about the same pic showing up multiple times with the same tag.

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Hi trolling4dollars , my apologies for the long delay in responding, I had some time out from this gig as I got defrauded via fake credit card purchases and lost my mojo for a while!
Anyway I’m back now and fueled up.

Thanx for responding to my thread.

I am no longer mass marketing with over 200 accounts as I found it a real drag verifying and creating new accounts for 4 hours a day 7 days a week.
I only have my main 5 original accounts now and I am prolly just going to stick with that for the time being.

I am still interested in the hashtag hub/randomizer but not for normal posts but for stories as I heard and tested we can only have 5 hashtags that will post with a story and from testing if I keep those same 5 hashtags in the same story for the next posting of it is the website link doesn’t post with it again.
Actually im having heaps of issues with my websites link being added to the story, sometimes it adds it but mostly not!

Any help with this would be great and in the meantime i’ll keep reading the threads.


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