Hashtags and engagement

I had the worst month ever the last month my engagement is so bad even after I was getting 5-6k likes per post I got only 50-100 likes rarely 600 likes My hashtags are not working I tried engagement groups and new hashtag research by ways I found on mp I ordered likes but panels are not working. So I’m gonna hate myself a month trying everything but nothing success 2 days ago I worked on the hashtags research for like 6 hours in front of my laptop but no results.
Please, I need help.

Same here… been trying to find info on it but kind of stuck too…

I hope someone will help

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maybe very silly question, did you verify that you were not using any banned hashtag?

yeah i used site called iqhashtags

Are you using automation at the moment?

No, I’m not using automation at all just hashtags and engagement groups and viral content with some garyvee’s strategy

I would check them one by one in IG

If not what else you think ?

They are not I checked them manually

Use this website instead, it’s working insanely good for me.

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0 banned That is the site I used

Maybe start using automation to interact with your own followers. Set the program to like posts of your own followers uploaded in the past 3 days and also set it to view your own followers stories. This well help so much.

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I interact with people I’m following