[Hashtags] Anyone else see this?

I’ve been doing some hashtag research and noticed something weird

The hashtags I noticed were in the 800k-2mil range

The average likes on the top 9 would be 1.5-3k

However, there’s always a couple pics with 200-500. Not 200k or 2k.

3 digits

And the post age is usually 6-12 hours

But yea anyone else seeing 3digit likes in the top 9 with averages well over that?

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How many comments those pics have? Have you checked that?

I guess IG algo takes that into consideration.

Maybe even number of followers and engagement on the account that posted that pic.

It’s still average amount of comments for that amount of likes

~10-15 comments

The others have 40-100+

They also aren’t pushing 30 hashtags. They do what IG newbies/non-marketers do; they just put a few hashtags that are saturated with huge pics

The thing I find weird though is that even though their pic after 6+ hours in still the top 9, their likes or followers haven’t significantly increased especially if the hashtag has a huge # of posts

It’s like IG is trying to favor the newcomers lol.
Maybe if we come up with an algorithm or strategy that allows us to mimic actions of a newcomer there might be an increase of growth?

But you said they didn’t get significant amount of followers or likes.

Have you tried checking same hashtags with different profiles, profiles in different niches? Maybe Instagram throw in couple of pics they think you’ll be interested in.

Yup tested with different profiles, different niches and 3 separate devices

I’m going to hunt for more of these posts showing up in big hashtags. It wasn’t common, but also wasn’t rare

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I’m seeing number of India girl pages ranking on big hashtags with very less number of likes
The lowest I saw was 169 likes n that was a very big hashtag I don’t remember the number of posts.
The image was a girl showing her cleavage​:joy::joy:
Man I don’t know how that happened but yeah it happened. Some people are playing it very well or it’s ig’s idiotic algo’s mistake that is being repeated by it

Bro, the thread was created 2 years ago, don’t think here is a point to discuss it anymore :joy:
A lot of things already changed

I know that bro but that thing is still happening

Now it’s clear that a lot of things influence on your ability to get in to the top9 posts, it’s not only about the likes and comms :slight_smile:

Algo checks a lot of things, like first hour likes, quality of these likes, accounts behind if are normal users and “fans” of your page, the core of you niche basically. Comments if have to do with post and number of comments. They check caption, hashtags, image content, image info like where the photo was taken, camera, etc

After that if goes kind of viral at the first hour that’s why they immediately put on top9 and explore page :wink: