Hashtags big problem (HELP)

Hi everyone , i have a page with 5500 followers and i get between 200-500likes .

I choose always good targeted hashtags and i make a big list of them and i rotate them so i can not be shadow-banned for spamming also i don’t always use “30hashtags” sometimes it’s 25,24… and i use low/medium/big hashtags so it can help me reach out more
targeted people in the top9 posts and why not figure on explore page

The problem is that i don’t figure in the top 9 of the low hashtags (the top9 posts have same engagement of my post and in some of them i have a lot more ) i only figure on
"recent post category" even if i use telegram eg that have different niche
(btw is it useless to get likes from big accounts but from different niche does it help on something or should i focus only about same niche eg ? )
Even if i use dm groups my posts don’t go high in the first hour it can go to like 60like in 1hour
and slow reeally down 1like per 5/10min it slow more and more the time go .

So i don’t over do F/uf i get likes for dm and eg group , i use categorized hashtag(low/medium/high) i rotate and don’t spam them i L+C on other accounts , i have not being blocked by doing f/uf for a while now i post good content cause i use content that get high engagement from low account and i also use best perfoming post + i see which content that whenever it is used he get constently high engagement i post regularly i use stories pods

  • Here’s my questions :
    Is it a classification problem ? What i mean by that is when i am posting my list of hashtag with my content should it be classified from the lowest to the highest or it’s not a problem if it’s posted randomely (cause i use them randomly)

Is the problem really coming from Hashtags cause in impressions :
(99% come from feed+other section) (1% from hashtags ) as you see hashtags has 0 impact and 0 reach …

If you can clarify to me how can i adjust this problem it will be really helpful

It’s definitely not a classification problem, you can order your hashtags in whatever way you want. You can actually be shadow banned, there are two things that you can try to do. First, try using a new set of hashtags that you never used before and see if you get to the top posts. Second, just wait for a week or two, keep posting but don’t use any hashtags, after try with them again to see the results.


Thanks man gonna try it any other helpful advice would be helpful

Triberr made a tool to check if you’re shadowbanned, I can’t speak for it’s legitimacy but the results seemed accurate when I was shadowbanned.

As mentioned above you can still be shadowbanned for other reasons than just hashtags. Consider staying low for a couple of days, deleting hashtags in the problematic posts and possibly pausing any automation.

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Thanks man but i have tried triber and they have check the last 10 post and none of them have a issue so
where the problem can be ?

The last time someone made one of these tolls it was fake and would randomize shadowbanned or not shadowbanned. So far this one you linked to hasn’t worked at all.


Aah good to know. I’ve seen these tools pop up from time to time but the only time I’ve actually tested it was when I was shadowbanned, hence why it seemed somewhat accurate 乁(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)ㄏ

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So if this tool don’t work do you now some real accurate one ? Who can determine if my problem is really coming from shadowban?

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You can try to determine that on your own:

  1. Find someone (A) with an IG acc. who never interacted with your account (no like, no follow, never searched for your username…)
  2. Post a picture with a less-popular hashtag (H) (50,000 posts would be good, but 250,000 might also okay)
  3. Ask (A) (after you have posted the picture) to send you a screenshot of the newest posts under (H)

Instead of asking someone else, you could also buy an (empty) account (will cost you aroud 1-2$) and use a different network / IP or a proxy. Then do a login with this second acc. on this IP and do the steps 2) + 3) as described above

Good luck with that :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks man appreciate your help also do you know a method that gonna make my hashtags impression grow up cause i only get 1% on it all my engagement come from feed and other section ?

Here is what I posted in another thread, hope it helps:

"the easiest and probably most reliable way to check if you are shadowbanned? Post with some unpopular hashtags and use IG with chrome browser IN INCOGNITO MODE. Check if you can find your post in the recent section of ANY of those unpopular tags.

Forget about those shadowban check websites. They are all bullshit.

Btw, the usual advice to check shadowban is: to ask several people who don’t follow you on IG to have a look if they can find your posts with their accounts. Seriously?! If these people don’t even follow you on IG, is it really that easy to ask them to do such a “lame” thing for you?! Lol"

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Ok i suppose that i am not shadowbanned from where the problem can come from the last post i got 7kviews organically but only 35 person saw it from hashtag section
(99,9% of my engagement come from feed and other section on my impressions) that’s anormal

  • Is it a problem of a large gap between the number of likes on every hashtag that i use is it the number of low hashtags that is not enough used ? ( i use 5/6 lowhashtag that get 50 to 200 likes)
  • how can i get high traffic from low/medium hashtags and get that snowball effect to why not figure on the top of big hashtags?