Hashtags - low ranking

I used to buy like boosts and was ranked in the top 9 in most of my hashtags.

Since removing like boosts, it’s almost impossible to get up there.

With the bought likes, I was getting at least 1,000 likes per photo, whereas now I’m getting 500ish.

I can only assume Instagram sees this content as terrible as it’s much lower than my average engagement, and hence doesn’t feature it?

Is there any way to solve this?

Or another thing could be that the likes you were receiving earlier was from automation targeting those hashtags you were using. Now that everybody seems to be hit, those likes coming from automated profiles have dropped

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At least You’re not alone, IG is hitting for let see where this gonna take us!!
I was always against buying likes it’s bad for the long run, it’s like a shot of drugs you always need more, and at certain points this have negative effects!!!

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Try to optimize your hashtags! Use ones with low competition! I am providing free reports, if you want one, just send me a PM and in a few days I will try to deliver yours!

I was doing the same for a month or so, hitting the top hashtags regularly then stopped. Couldn’t get anywhere near the top page.

I only have a personal account and do everything manually.

I stopped F/U completely and used only 9 hashtags per post low to mid ranking (previous I was using 30 well chosen) and my posts started to pick up. I also hit explore and got more followers than usual.

I’m not saying this was the reason just what happened.

Hope this helps :blush:

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optimize your hashtag.
That’s what i can say for now.

I’ve put tiny hashtags with less than 100 total tags on it and I’m still only halfway down the list, even with over 500 likes.