Hashtags now worthless beyond followers...rumors?

I have chatted with several big page owners…and also read this on different sources.

  1. Hashtags now only really searchable within followers.
  2. Small pages…to 50k if using many hashtags get shadow banned.

if these are true or anyone else seen or heard anything with concrete proof…please chime in.

You’re hearing nothing but myth’s and rumors. Hashtags are still the best and only legit way to grow your account. Read it anywhere across this forum.


Don’t know if myth…my post without hastags get more likes then with tags. It never was that way before. The page owner I spoke to has two pages in 400k range …1 in 1million and he is co owner of 8 800k pages…

How large are your account/s?

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6 less 10k, 5 20-30K, 1 40k, 2 60k , 2 70-90k, 2 100-125k

all the articles here pertain to instagram without the new update…its a new face of instagram…much like facebook is now

Unless they’re planning on rolling out a new form of discovery beyond the shitty search, I can’t see hashtags being phased out of general use, at least not yet. I mean they’re still relevant for discovering content on every other platform… for the most part. Even Facebook, though they have definitely reduced the effectiveness of them there, so maybe you’re onto something.


not phased out…just has less value …as I said-- the talk of big page owners. - I posted for two of his accounts for a time cause he needed time off. Most of my accounts across the board all down in engagement and likes. 25-50 percent. - currently I have only 23 accounts. nearing 1 mil followers.

Like in what sense are they potentially less valued? Would this impact how they might or might not show up on the Explore page for any given hashtag? I guess I’m trying to follow what might be happening.

Slightly related, I’ve noticed a big drop in engagement the past 3 days specifically - though it could be any factor, content and some new hashtags I was testing.

I have two facebook pages, 70k and 146k- I no longer want to grow them…just have fun. Back when facebook changed to how they are now…I had 2 500k pages and part of a million+ page. The same kinda thing back now…I see. Facebook pages once grew organically…now dead unless you share…
Instagram is next, we need in next year --new ways to counter this. I have good inner growth from one account to another…possibly tags on pics will be the new s4s…nobody knows. just asking