Have anyone bought G Suite/G Apps lifetime from this website?

I’ve been looking for lowering down expenses in the covid19 era and first thought coming to me was to get a lifetime version of Gsuite/google apps legacy which is available all over the web on 100’s of site. I’m not going to post any particular link but those can be found by searching google for simple keywords like “buy google apps legacy” or “buy gsuite legacy”. Pardon me but yeah I do have alot of questions about these if someone is familiar with these.

Have anyone among us ever bought or sell these accounts?
Are these accounts safe to use in long run for corporate use?
Sellers claim they will transfer the primary domain but do they really transfer?
Does such accounts still exist now or these sites are just scam?
How many domains can be added besides the primary domain as alias?
If anyone knows about this, who would be a recommended seller to buy from with neat pricing and good support?

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If these are legit I see cutting costs substantially. The first one that popped up offers a plan at $4500 one time fee for unlimited storage business plan. Are these truly unlimited?

Well, thats what I’m looking for an answer to. There’s quite alot of grey area here until we donot hear from someone who have bought or sold these.

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In the past (many years ago) Google for domains was free. For the people who subscribed to it it is still free till now. You also got a limited set of apps with that.

I still have some domains with the free Google for domains.

What these people do is finding expired domains with a Google for domains subscription. They quickly register that domain. Restore the Google subscription. Sell it to you. And move your domain to it.

You can also try something like this yourself.

I will find 50 expired domains with google apps free or gsuite
About This Gig

I will research to find and identify expired domains with active “Google Apps for Work” (Free Legacy Standard Edition) or GSuite For Business/Education. I will provide you a list of available expired domains.

All Expired domains will be available for registration on regular price at domain registrar of your choice.


He talks about a Standard Edition and a Business/Education Edition. Probably different plans include different apps and storage plans.

That sounds like easy money :wink:


Thats a wonderful share,

I did have a legacy account myself but switched to paid version when i needed more emails. Its definitely a gem. I’ve read that accounts resold tend to get banned but still donot have enough proof to support it fully.

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You will buy something that Google gave away to someone else for free. They have no obligation to continue doing that. So I would never pay $4500.
You can also be sure that Google knows what is happening. And that they will do everything to stop it.

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Yeah, i know, thats why i was looking for experienced buyers/sellers of such a service. Besides I would never pay $4500 for something like that. Was looking for 500 accounts version which was being sold for $300-400 but my primary concern was all about sustainability.

Have not bought it