Have good knowledge about VPN / Proxies? Answer this 👇

Who hasn’t used one?
I mean they’re cool because it can hide your IP and Location, but how sh*t can it be when you get flagged down by any algorithm for using a Proxy / VPN, and you’re forced down to use your own legit network?

In regard to my activities and this particular issue, I think I have only tried doo-dooh providers (like NordVPN), which, obviously, everyone must be using. And my assumption right here is that these providers have been spammed so hard that if you try, for example, to create an account on Instagram, you get insta-banned.

Now I won’t get into details of what I’m trying to achieve, but the above example is highly suggestive.
I’d also like to point out that I don’t have much knowledge in proxies and vpn-s, so I need to ask you:

What’s the most realistic and sophisticated way to mask IP and GEO, while not looking shady to a platform like Instagram?

It’s really simple. 4G IPs are most trusted nowadays, so just get one 4G proxy from #public-marketplace and you’re good to go.


recommend anyone in particular?

Hard to recommend without knowing your setup - routing between your Jarvee instance to the provider can already make an impact.

Most of the sellers offer free trials, I would test them all :slight_smile:

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As mentioned above, 4g mobile proxies will do the job. However, ever good-old datacenter proxies still work with Instagram and Jarvee.

Beside using proxies, can I ask if you are using your proxies to connect to IG only through Jarvee or are you using your device’s browser as well?

Because if you’re using your real browser too, then you should check if WebRTC is disable and there are no DNS leaks.

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I’m actually not doing neither of Jarvee or Instagram :grinning:

but thanks y’all for the suggestion

@Chris_Roark the DNS leak suggestion is dope

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