Have I broken Instagram? 100's of profile views - 0 follows

According to Instagram insights, profile visits stopped converting to follows almost entirely at the highlighted dates, but the page continues to gain followers.

This is a community page for a cycling sports league (11k followers), with a mixture of community member pictures, viral video reposts, and (recently) relevant inspirational/educational quotes. Reposts always have permission.

The first arrow points to a video of a bicycle race crash - the guy was OK, but I can understand why people wouldn’t follow on that post. The second arrow is a community member training - she’s an attractive lady and I imagine that’s what helped it go viral, but the terrible conversion rate afterwards was alarming.

For the avoidance of doubt, the ‘offending’ pieces of content were still on brand and had a high engagement, as you can see with the number of profile visits.

Has anyone ever seen something like this happen with Instagram before?

Content hasn’t really changed, and the bio etc are all the same, and I’m still gaining 30-50 followers a day. I’ve now archived the quotes and ‘bad’ posts as a test, but conversion on posts according to IG insights is still zero.

Previously, good pieces of viral content would hit around 15-20% conversion of profile visits to followers:

Maybe unrelated, but just after posting I always get this delay with my IG insights where reach etc don’t update immediately after posting and my username (hidden in the screenshot) is just a string of numbers.

Any help or prior experience would be greatly appreciated!