Have to confirm identity to keep large pages

Looks like Facebook is going to force accounts to confirm their identity in order to keep using their Facebook Pages with high potential reach.

This sucks, because I have a few big pages on my fake accounts that make me money. Does anyone have any advice on how to move forward with this?

Maybe you can try to get a good designer in Fiverr, for example, to edit an ID with the data you need. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You could even just get a person on Fiverr to take the picture for you

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Has anyone actually successfully done that?

Okay, so I just figured out a work around where I don’t have to submit ID. It’s a bit tricky, you need a working google voice account, a VPN and a secondary mobile device with the facebook app installed. You also need some other FB accounts and a bit of luck, but it is possible to circumvent this if you want to save your big pages.

Basically, I just gave page admin priveleges to some other FB accounts, and one of them did not require ID. It only required location verification. Once you find an account that does not require ID, go through the process of verifying your location.

Basically, you have to connect a Google Voice phone number to your FB account, then they send you a text message with a link you need to click on your mobile device. When you click on this link, it opens the FB app. Make sure you have your mobile device connected to an IP of the location you want to verify, and also spoof your location GPS services to the same location.

It’s a bit tricky and took me a few hours to figure out, but it can be done if you have the resources and will. I can give more details if anyone wants them.

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It’s not a perfect solution, because, so far I only have one account that can be location ID’d and if I lose that account one day, I will still lose all of my pages. I’m going to try and find some more accounts as insurance.