Have you ever been able to 'unban' the 30 day captcha account which is a scraper or a slave?

Hey guys, in my workflow when a slave or a scraper gets a captcha I try to reset it but I get either (after solving a captcha and PVing the acc):

  1. Disabled
  2. 24h review wait forever

I don’t actually remember having them unbanned and back in action after this. Last few days I just started to throw them away at this point.

I tried several phone nrs from various countries from cheap to expensive. Is it worth waiting/confirming then which is an additional cost? Or better to just chuck it away.

What’s your experience? Have you ever been able to unban an account after captcha?

I don’t thing so

So usually I was never able to solve this my accounts went to 24 hour review but lately I found some phone numbers that work and pass the captcha and are reactivated. So I would try finding good quality phone numbers that work to pass the captcha.

that’s interesting, I did see someone mention this in the past too. I wonder how realistic is that though.

I have realized that sms is only a small part of this. The proxy ip is what will get you passed captcha. The sms is usually what will give you a bad trust score.

I have used my own 4g proxy and passed most captcha with random numbers but I keep getting them. So, I tried a real number and now get far less.

This is just a test and havn’t fully scaled it but I’m starting to think both sms services and bad proxies are the cause of most issue.

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All of my slaves run on my own proxy which I set up in London, haven’t passed a single one from smspva but will test out other numbers. I have a few sim cards lying around, maybe that will help.

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We have talked about this in DM. But I and many of the people in the Community have had a different experiences. For example: I tried different 4G Providers / Locations in my Country, Residential Proxies that never had any Automation on them etc.
But it all came down to the Numbers if the account survived or not.

After PV got harder with Sms Providers i stoped using them for a while until I found this thread:

After finding the right prefix the numbers work. Almost all of them. And other prefixes do not.

Buying Sim Cards is no use. It was nice back in the day. Because they passed almost 100%. Right now we do not really know how Instagram decides which Numbers are Good or bad.

With the right Prefixes you can 100% “unban” the Scrapers and the good part is: they will have a better “Trust Score” and can do even more API calls.


You’re right about that)

Im lucky that my country isnt provided on the sim services. Which is why I think sims here are good.

But look at it this way. Have you heard a normal person using their phone and signing up to IG and getting captcha? Nope

So, then something is wrong with your process if thats happening with actual sims and actual numbers. Sounds like the way you create is leaking footprints or linking somehow. If you are using appcloner then that’s an obvious reason it doesn’t work.

thanks for detailed reply. I’ll look around at the prefixes. Will see how it goes.