Have you ever used boostgram?

Looks like there’s no information about boostgram service
They actually have some Engagement Groups on Telegram free for all
They also have a bot, doing engagement itself, but it requires a password from your acc
As per bot stats:

:rocket: BoostGram Stats :rocket:
Level 1: 1k - Accounts: 882 - Network: 21m
Level 2: 20k - Accounts: 85 - Network: 10m
Level 3: 80k - Accounts: 36 - Network: 15m
:globe_with_meridians: Total Network
:busts_in_silhouette: 55m (54638213) Followers
:bust_in_silhouette: 1003 Pages
Please note: The total network is being automatically updated every 4 hours.

They also have some paid services, which I’m not interested

So, the question is - did anyone try their bot? What was the result?(bans, password stealing, drop or raise of ER?)
I would try, but I’m worried about proxies they use and others