Have you seen the new popular page?

Hi ,
i would like to share with you this last update of the popular page.
It’s all change . we haven’t anymore the top nine , but we have just on the left POPULAR and right RECENT post
i attached two pictures to let you see how is this change.
If you go to down and down in the popular you can see the photos just published and at the beginning we have old pictures. I try today to go on popular and I went in 28 hashtags out of 30. Hashtag from 500k to 23ml . I think it’s not bad. So , at the moment , if there are no more changes in the future , i think that we can confirm the same procedure in finding the hashtags.
I hope it can be useful and let me know what are your thought


That’s interesting… not available yet in my country, maybe they are still testing it. Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Even where i live , not all see this update !
I think in a few days you will see it :slight_smile:

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Yes, I have noticed they often roll out updates and tests in pieces, not for everyone at once… and I suppose the app on your phone needs to be updated too. Will keep an eye out for it to see if it appears here :eyes:

Yeah, I noticed that they’ve been making some huge changes recently

I think this and the fact that you can now follow hashtags is their way of monetizing the ads platform.

So that biz pages can target users who follow them.

Wouldn’t be surprised if that feature comes out soon.

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definitely agree with this @tripleyourtribe

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I has updated the app 3 days ago , yes u ‘re right , before i saw if my app was updated, and it was. I think that they are adding new updates slowly…to understand better how it can work , i suppose.

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