Have You Seen This? ✫✫✫✫

Lol. I’m not sure if this is real or not. Who would want to buy 100s phones for this?


Yeah, I saw that yesterday lol. Those farms are pretty cool in their own way. But super greasy also hahaha

I can’t imagine the cost for that setup


but the profit, Think of what you could do with all those phone bots. Get people to downloaded for new apps, Clicking on ads… I mean Its probably a big cashin, but the cash out I bet would be fantastic :slight_smile:

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Wow what an investment. The owner has never found massplanner. Bad for him, good for us;)


There are several companies that do this, one if just for posting to IG.


Why? 1000 phones x 50$ = 50K just for phones. Electric costs etc…
Only positive thing about this is they never get a PV i think🙌


They can get a PV, this factory is in China, so likely the phones cost way less than $50, the labor costs are low etc. Plus they have PC’s running the whole thing with like 2 employees.


looks like a mobile phone vending machine


Whoa! That’s insane! I’ve been wondering what they looked like, but had no idea. Only two computers to run all those phones? Huh! Thanks for sharing that, it makes me think of the many possibilities.

This way looks expensive! But I think canworks great

Expensive but effective. The phone has been powerful tools for instagram.

Again, expensive

This is hard. :smiley:
I already saw this before but I found it again…

I was wondering, how do they automate those phones? Any ideas?