Have you tried ordering aged accounts in goorapid?

Hi guys, do anyone of you tried purchasing aged accounts on goorapid.com?

I ordered 20 aged pva accounts, only 7 were working well, 13 of those were suspended (ran story viewing and some of it has no tools running yet). they have a policy that they cannot replace accounts if used within 48 hours.

just wondering if the provider has poor quality aged accounts? or this may be on my end? my settings are safe since I already have 12 main accounts running with no problem.

If so, what do you recommend to buy quality aged accounts?

newbie here. appreciate your help guys. thanks!

Seem very expensive. Never heard of them.

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Those prices seem high
Everyone is having probems with pages getting EV/PV/TL right now so maybe its the quality of the pages, maybe it is just the problems everyone is having

You need to buy pages with imap enabled emails so you have save them if you get an EV/PV/TL

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Have you checked our #public-marketplace for what you are looking for?

Do you know any good providers/sources? I’m looking to buy consistently.

I used goorapid for over an year and they were excellent. But sadly they have disappeared
Please, someone recommend a good site to buy trustpilot reviews.
It’s like most are just scammers

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I would highly recommend to check out vulfus . com. I have used their services (Mainly trustpilot reviews and gmail accounts). THEY ARE THE BEST.

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