Haven’t been able to unfollow for a month

I have been unable to unfollow on my Instagram account for over a month. I have tried leaving the account inactive for a few days and still nothing. Any tips on being able to unfollow again? Really frustrating when trying to work.

tried manual from a phone?

edit: tell us more info, were you automating?

Was using an unfollowing app previously, sticking to the limits I was recommended for unfollowing. And then also tried manual on the website which will work for a few followers only.

try to change the account password

I didnt believe much to some comments here but today client of mine get AC msg just from doing manual liking of photos and whats more funny is that its under 100 likes… you cant like 100 pics? Thats BS Insta got really difficult to work and seems they dont love any mass actions now…

I had a ex client have their account “restricted” for manual unfollowing. Now for some reason their account is suspended.