Having only phone number in account settings (no e-mail)

Hello. Is it safe to have only phone number set up in account settings? No e-mail?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Will you always have that number? What if you need to recover the account and don’t have access to that phone number?

Yes I have real SIM cards

Even real sim cards expire and you need to top them up from time to time. But if you’re sure you’ll keep the numbers, unless IG specifically tells you to add an email you can keep them like that.

Yup, they expire. I’ll just buy more and replace before they expire

Dude, make sure you maintain a spreadsheet with accounts, platforms, proxies, phone numbers, SIM card IDs, SIM expiry dates, etc… otherwise things might go well for a while… and then suddenly get painful (like @Johnny said if you forget to top up your mobile account).