Having trouble warming accounts

Okay so far I have only created a few fb accounts, all of which are created using private proxies from the recommended source High Proxies, and they are phone verified with brand new sims.

My first account was straight up banned for reasons which I am fully aware of. I joined too many groups too quickly and added too many new friends. I also used profile pictures from fb. Completely wrote it off and started again.

On the following account I took things a bit slower, adding all account details over a period of about 2 days. Liking pages, commenting on posts etc. I also got the profile images from vk. But as soon as I requested friends I got ID verification.

How does everyone here begin adding friends from 0. I started by adding people who attended the same school I had added to the profile but it clearly did not work.

I really want to get going with mp but I’m afraid of this happening repeatedly and wasting my time.

I have a page that I have grown using my personal fb account over the past week from 0 to 30,000 likes but I recieve captchas every time I try to share posts in groups hence the reason I am now using mp.

Does anyone have any specific tactics to use to warm my accounts more safely? I am currently using firefox to create accounts with single proxy per account. Clear all history and cookies on exit and web rtc disabled etc.

Will using the embedded browser help?

Sorry for the long post, I really want to solve this problem because I believe mp had amazing potential to boost my pages. I am desperate for trusted accounts and I am determined to create them myself.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Justin Bieber (or whoever else is popular these days with little girls) didn’t increase their page likes by 30,000 last week. OK, perhaps they did, but they sure as f#ck didn’t do it from a base of zero.

So either congratulations are in order and the champagnes on you, or you’ve just raised every possible FB flag and alarm mechanism at their disposal!!!

FB are not stupid.

Brand new pages that grow by 30,000 within the space of a week, particularly on the back of little or no posting, are asking for trouble.

Best advice I can give you is to slow down. Read every blog post over at massplanner.com and then go through this forum methodically.

Your solution lies not simply in tweaking your settings, although this is likely necessary too, but in crafting a strategic approach that will help you achieve your long term objectives.

MP is a brilliant tool. But it’s just that, a tool. You need to operate it cleverly and as sneakily as possible to avoid suckerberg’s detection.

Go slower, much slower.

One more quick tip… when seeking out friends (and starting from a zero base) who do you think is more likely to accept your friend request - someone with 127 closely guarded friends and family members? Or someone with 4,893 friends who recently added 617 friends?

By all means use a bot, but try and think like a human.

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While I remember, most images of people floating about the internet - even those found on Russian FB equivalents - contain metadata and checksums (like md5). So any images you use (which you don’t own) need to be cleaned up to avoid detection.

In FB, you’re dealing with one of the biggest and most technologically sophisticated companies on the planet. You’re in a gun fight with FB and you’ve just pulled out a butter knife and started threatening them.


Thanks haha but what gave you the impression that I achieved this with little to no posting? From the beginning I have been posting about 4-5 highly relevant engaging posts to the page each day and sharing those posts in very large active groups.

The niche I am in is extremely popular with multiple active groups of over 150,000 members, some over 250,000. I have 1m post reach for the past 10 days and 200,000 post engagements, with page likes continually growing organically.

This isn’t the only page I run but it is the best in terms of like growth due to its highly targeted active audience. I only considered using bots this week due to the limits of using just a hand full of legitimate accounts to seed my reach.

I did feel with my second account that I was taking things slow. I am aware of how tactical this game is so I will again try to be more cautious

As far as MP is concerned I hadn’t even added any of these accounts in to the software yet. All actions were carried out manually. I have read a bit about using subtle settings to begin with which I will definitely keep in mind.

You have made a very valuable point here, possibly one of the best pieces of advice I have read about this. I will certainly be aware of this next time.

Next time I will strip the metadata and process the images first. I’m sure I will get it right soon, I don’t give up easily.

Thank you very much for your comments Arthur.

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Good on you @Millionaire

You’ve got a good sense of humor and I’m sure, with a little patience, you’ll do some really good things.

Good luck, stay under the radar, and keep pumping.

I’m still relatively new to MP, but learning fast. Give us a tell if you need a hand.

One quick tip for you about adding friends… One of the easiest ways to add friends fast without getting banned… is by using Add me groups… This method is one of the most basic ones on the facebook… And it works good because people will add you as a friend and not the other way around…Here’s the method:

  1. join 10-15 facebook groups (not more than that, try to choose the ones with a lot of members)
  2. put a photo of attractive girl as your profile picture (attractive real looking girls work the best)
  3. Wait for few hours to be accepted to few groups and post an image of your selected attractive girl with a caption like… Hello everyone, add me if you like or something in those lines
  4. If your selection of photo was good you can get hundreads of friends requests from just a single post
  5. When you accept enough friends (don’t accept too many though - accept for example 50 friends as a start - and leave rest of friends requests to be added by MP tool account actions - slowly and steadily), next just change the profile photo to what you want to be…

This same method can work without the attractive girl photo… you can post a regular guy/girl/family man/mom whatever, but the attractive girl is the fastest one… others will be a lot slower for attracting friend requests.

Other warming tips are:

  1. Fill your profiles with details and info, the more the better - minimum is to complete at least that facebook questionare (place of birth, living, school etc),
  2. Use following MP tools on each of your account (Comment tool, Account actions, sending Birthday messages to friends, posting to your own wall) - you don’t have to do all of them if you don’t like, since they will eat your resources, but in general the more different activities you send to your profile the better will be in eyes of facebook. (for this i recommend to use rotate days function for tools, that way not all of the tools will work in the same time, and it will give added random footprint to facebook)
  3. Add some sleep hours to your profile if you are on VPS
  4. Have prepared Friends photo verification tool from MP (buy module from MP if you didn’t - highly recommended), few sim cards to pass phone verification if needed, and a lot of patience :wink:

One last tip if your profile is fresh and not aged do the all same things but a lot slower than you do with aged accounts…

If you plan to post in groups, raise post numbers gradually and steady…

Oh, and one more tip… Even if you used a profile for a while and didn’t have any problems at some point in the future if you get a block from facebook for the profile,
If the profile:

  1. Had good footprint, various actions history and look more trust worthy to facebook it will get a basic verification like recognise friends and will be easier to get back
  2. didn’t had a good footprint, facebook suspect it to be a spammy or a fake it will get a straight PHOTO ID verification or disabled account

so by knowing that, it’s better to spend some time at start with warming the accounts in a good way… The more you make it look real the better.

Hope this helps,
Good luck


Thank you for the tips @100jan some good info there. For the first account I did join a group and post an image to get people to add me as a friend but I think I may have overdone it. That account was unrecoverable, the second got ID verfication.

As all my accounts a fresh I will certainly take it easy from now on. I do currently have the Account Actions and Contact modules, will probably purchase the Friends Backup module too.

For fresh accounts you need to be extra careful… Have in mind that the way accounts were created can also influence how facebook will treat them… if they were created from a shady looking email addresses, instead of more reputable ones (gmail, yahoo etc) you can get more problems and more checks in general with those accounts… they can still work but just can give you more problems at least at start.

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@100jan All of my accounts are created with phone verified gmail addresses with legit looking names (no numbers, normally including the full name).

Also one more question, all of my ip’s are located in London. Does that mean I must set my location to London or can I choose somewhere else in UK?

Doesn’t have to be London… Just make sure to access profile from same ip/browser cookies… you can even get away if you change IP but your browser stays intact (facebook will see that as like you probably travelled somewhere) but if you change IP and delete cookies at the same time and try to access your profile in most cases that will trigger instant check… not always but in most cases…

you have 2 constants your IP and your browser… so try to change those 2 as little as possible to keep your accounts safe in maximum way

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Ok thanks. I’ve just created a new account in the MP broswer using a proxy so I will only use that profile within MP and see how it goes.

I’m having the exact same issues are you are mate. I tried creating accounts with the MP browser and a proxy a few days ago but today those accounts got banned as well. The accounts didn’t perform any actions, didn’t share, didn’t add friends etc, all I done was add a cover image, profile photo and a few pieces of info in the bio.

Does anyone know if Massplanner uses the session cookies to log back into the account when I start the application? Or does it simply log back in normally.

I’m thinking that the issue might be the profile pictures I’m using, because I’m just Googling ‘cute dogs’ or whatever, there is probably META data or whatever shit that’s flagging up to Facebook…

Still looking for a solution though.

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I created the first few in Firefox. I created an account in MP today which has not yet been banned. I stripped the metadata and adjusted the profile photo in photoshop before uploading.

So far I have filled in the majority of the profile details and liked a few pages and posts. I will update my progress in this thread.

I think if more people share their experiences we will have a much better chance at discovering a repeatable system to successfully beat the ban hammer.

I’m gonna start removing the metadata and editing the pictures as well, will see how it goes!

Absolutely this! All I see now is people who’ve been banned, would like to hear from someone who has multiple accounts and is flying under the radar!

That’s because people that get banned try to find a solution and come and talk about that. People that have their accounts working fine won’t come and say, my accounts are working fine as they don’t see any reason to do that… :slight_smile:


lol Johhny… true :slight_smile:

@Decyb, @Millionaire guys i can just tell you as a general piece of advice to try and make your accounts to mimic how would ‘real’ accounts behave… That’s the best approach to creating long lasting accounts on facebook and any social media network nowadays…

Don’t make bunch of accounts at once if you are not able to create a single account that is working… Maybe you guys have problem because FB detected a pattern you are using since you created few accounts in same way… Maybe you guys used IP addresses from same subnet etc… IF you got a ban right from a start by just adding profile picture, FB is all over you… so that means you need to change everything and start from 0… First change your IP and try creating a single fb account, put it in MP, automate it to perform various actions, add profile imgs, friends, info etc…

When creating 2nd, 3rd,4th account make sure you guys have assigned a new IP to that account

It never happend to me to get banned straight away when creating a fresh profile… Even if i used images from Google searches… so i really doubt that’s the problem here… If you think if facebook would block accounts just because you used a picture from google… how many accounts of real people would facebook block? how many people are using generic pictures scraped from internet for their profile photo… I think a lot of people, and none of them is getting blocked from FB… So my personal oppinion is that for you both problem lies somewhere else… you are leaving a bad footprint, and need to change your account creation process in some way and pinpoint what is making problem.

@100jan like I said in my original post I am using 1 private proxy from high proxies per account and I am fully aware of the reason my first account was banned. The second one wasn’t banned instantly either but it was ID verified when I tried to add friends.

I only want to make one successful account to begin with and I dont mind spending a few weeks doing so properly. The important thing for me is to learn the ins and outs of this process so I can repeat it time and time again.

I really don’t mind the set backs as that’s all part of the learning curve, as with anything in life.

My new account is set up now and I think I am going to leave account actions running for a couple of days before I try anything new like adding friends. I’ll see how it goes.

Just to be sure in your place… I would try creating a test account with my own IP address and do the same thing… Just to check if IP maybe the problem here… Even though you are using recommended proxy source, that doesn’t mean they are bulletproof and maybe fb flagged some IPs from them… Your problem is unusual, and it’s smells like IP problem to me… So try creating a single profile from your IP for testing purposes and see how it goes…

Ok thanks I thought so myself I will try that out :slight_smile: