HD Instagram Stories

There is a guy on Instagram that posts stories with very high definition. (@umutkiziltan)
Anybody know how he does it?


Well, I believe with good high quality phone camera… Like Galaxy S8 Plus
or lastest iPhone…

I use professional equipment and edit with Adobe Premiere Pro.

It looks perfect in preview however, when it is published, it reduces the quality so bad, it looks terrible.

What resolution are you using?

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.mov H.264 codec

What kind of equipment, to be honest iphones portrait mode is better than 90 percent photography equipment and the same with the latest galaxy phones usually. Also IG is known for reducing quality upload the same picture/video to twitter and see if there is a difference

for what i know stories quality depend of the badwidht used booth for upoading and downloading. if you upload on 3G quality will be worth than 4G even for follower on wifi. same for the oposit scenario.

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