He stole my username

I just did a test where I constructed an account that had a username, changed it to something else, then constructed a second account that had a different username, and was able to reclaim that username. So I don’t think this is a problem? Are you sure of what happened?

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Its so funny to see the comments, esp the Uber one :joy:

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After this post I just changed my username on byte to alex408. Now just gonna wait a year for your offer :slight_smile:


I just made an account for here so I could respond/ message you about this haha. I don’t think I’m able to message yet though since this is a new account… Do you happen to have any way I could reach you? Trying to inquire to see if you could help me acquire an inactive username! Or maybe I could purchase one of the ones you already have, definitely appreciate any help or reply! Just let me know!

The user in questions is not part of the community anymore, so I doubt he will reply.

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Bro can you shoot me a private message? Can you claim a username which is inactive for ages on tiktok?

Everyone’s username on TikTok is unique.can steal your username. Yes, he can keep like you by making small changes.

dude I want to get a username where can i contact you?

dude please can you get me the @pelin or @noble username on tiktok?