He stole my username

This guy is using the handle I want, he’s been inactive for years. Does anyone know of a way to report the page and free up the handle? Do popular creators get any special authority to do something like that?

Honestly I don’t think so, the only way I’ve heard is getting in contact with the person who owns it and paying them for the handle.

If his account is inactive - you can try to claim it if you have some trademarks or you own the business. If it’s just a random username - any forms won’t help you. So either contact him and ask him whether he would be willing to sell off his username for some $ or just use pure blackhat methods to get the username (I don’t recommend, it’s a bit difficult too and success rate is not so high).

He didn’t steal anything - he owns it


Uber stole my idea!!!


:joy: killed me

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old saying –
early bird gets the worm. if you are a young lad it means – he didn’t steal shit – it’s his and just because you want it DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANNNNNNN have it. :slight_smile:


The problem is we have to be mutual friends to message each other on TikTok, so I’m unable to contact him. I would pay him a large sum for the username

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Does he have instagram?

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I can Probably have the username claimed. I’ve done it for about 20 accounts on TikTok (it helps to spend a large chunk of money on the platform) lol


i thought im the only one who did this lol, i have like 10 to 20 accounts with high ticket usernames.

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Nah, I have about 80 lol

lol how much you think they gonna sell for?

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Me or Zach? Not sure who the questions for lol

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You should try to contact the user somehow and buy his account. If he changes the username you won’t be able to pick it, I did this in the past and lost the username for ever.

Or, you can find someone inside Instagram to do this for you. I knew about people charging $500 to do this, I don’t have the contacts anymore…

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Your best bet is contacting the user and making a serious offer for their name. Most will let it go, unless it has some kind of sentimental value to them.

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Guys I’m talking about a TikTok user. I cannot DM him like on instagram because TikTok requires people to be mutual friends to send messages. If I could get ahold of him I would have the username already

Check PM yo!!

How are you going about this. Can you help me out?

I have my own reps for a variety of departments. 1 of which is the username / verification department.