Hello All, I'm New Here!

Hello there!

I am new here! I am currently in the process of researching how to grow accounts effectively.

I will be planning to share my research and findings with the forum.

I am a marketing professional with a wide range of skills, programming, graphic design, photography, marketing.

The reason I am here is to further my knowledge and understanding on how to grow accounts so I can ultimately start a business helping businesses create a presence on instagram etc.

Glad to be here and hopefully will speak with you all at some point soon!


Welcome to the forum!

But, do take a chill for a second. This is my home page at the moment:

Your enthusiasm is to be admired, but don’t re-surface old topics for the heck of it or add one liners.


Ahhh sorry!

I will be more careful! I’m new to the forum game.

Thank you.

No probs!

In general, what goes well here is search > read > search > read > search > read.

If you have a question that is really unanswered or a valuable contribution to a topic (hey, me too - type of reply is not a good example), do post it and most likely you’ll get a fast answer.


Hey, welcome to the forum, @poisonedgoat! See ya around!

EDIT: This is apparently my 100th post here! :grin:



First rule of MP… there is no MP

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Hello, I’m a newbie here!

Hi @poisonedgoat welcome to the forum. I’m sure you will fit right in and I’m looking forward to reading you post about what you found.

And yeah @MojoJojo is speaking is giving you some though love. But he knows was good for us here on the forum.

Try taging the people that contributed to your finding, I mean everyone like to be thanked for there contribution I think.

Good luck

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Welcome to the group!!