Hello and NEWB Q re RSS feed and extracting posts

Hi everyone. So excited to have MP for my blog - I know it will save me a ton of time. I’ve been following the Beginner Guide (PDF) and watched some videos so I’m ready to go! Thing is, when I set up a campaign for facebook - I can’t seem to get the posts to show up. I try to do an extract of the last five posts and only one post appears. Clearly I’m not clicking the right requests - any tips or ideas? My website is set to extract the last 20 posts for the feed.

Thanks and have an awesome day!

Hi @jkahansky Welcome to Mass Planner and our community! :slight_smile: We’re glad to have you here.

Regarding your issue,
You are trying to publish posts from your blog to Facebook by using RSS Feed, right?

Check these options:

  • Keywords: if you added some keywords to this field, Mass Planner will extract only posts that do contain those keywords,

  • Excluded keywords - maybe you added some keywords here so Mass Planner won’t extract posts containing those keywords. and

  • Ignore feed items without images - If you have this checked and some items (posts) in your rss feed do not have images, Mass Planner will ignore them.

Make sure you check these settings. If you still have issues, contact support.