Hello! Does anyone know how to use my mobile phone as a Proxy with username and password authentication?

Hello! Does anyone know how to use my mobile phone as a Proxy with username and password authentication?


Id love an answer for this question!

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Still no answer on this?

There is an app named Proxidize, they sell rigs but they also have an app that does this, basically turns an android phone into a proxy, I tried it and used 4G, was able to change ips with just airplane mode and it worked for basic actions, the problem is it’s quiet slow and the phone you use for it has to be on charger all the time, the second problem is that it’s a lot slower than ranting regular proxies, around 5 times slower than dedicated proxy in my case, and sometimes it just crashes for some reason so it’s unreliable for bigger operations. I hope that helps, I tried this with 7 phones at the time, for about 2 months and came to a conclusion that it’s better to just rent proxies like everyone else

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Allproxy works

there are a lot of app out there where you can use proxy

Use localtonet.com to turn your phone into a mobile proxy with ip rotation

Here is guide Localtonet | Use Android Phone As a Proxy Server

Their free version of proxy works BUT you have the proxy funneled through theirs server which means they can use it too, stay safe

I personally think it’s better if you just buy a mobile proxy rather than turning your phone into one.

Proxidized legacy is also good

Proxidize Legacy is great, but it’s a free open-sourced application so it doesn’t work as great as their on-premisee solution

  1. connect phone to your computer and make your internet available through it
  2. open CMD(console) in your windows and by using ipconfig command verify that you see your phones as network interfaces
  3. download and install 3proxy, configure it to listen for HTTP proxy and route connections to interfaces. Add user:password in config as well. Set auth method you want to use.
  4. first proxy make to port 9000
  5. verify that your proxy works by using curl --x -U username:password {some link}
  6. if you now see your phones IP address in windows console, you have made a great progress.
  7. understand if you have static IP address and if not, if you can get one from your internet provider
  8. if you can get static IP, get one, forward 9000 port in your home router to your main PC where phones are connected

that’s a jist of it, without going into rotations etc.

for testing you can use Proxidize Legacy
for serious you can subscribe paid service like localtonet or iproxy

I have used proxidize but it used to disconnect sometimes, the same thing for allproxy. I have been looking for a way to do this with an iphone but it seems really impossible.

are you proxy provider/seller or just user ?
i have try localtonet and iproxy and not yet get issue

No no just a user, i am also looking for a way to turn my phone into a proxy (iphone)

Had the same issue, it’s not hard to turn the phone into a proxy there are a lot of tutorials online but the maintenance itself isn’t worth the couple dollars of difference compared to buying a mobile proxy, I was on the same path and realized that unless you want to make a farm of proxies and sell them, it’s better just to buy them for your own use. Keep in mind that when selling/renting your own proxies you have to worry about what they are used for by the people renting them. In my own experience it’s always best to pay others specialized in their own fields (like proxy providers) rather than trying to do everything on your own and scattering focus

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