Hello everyone,I would like to ask how to get Instagram verified badge?

Hello everyone,I would like to ask, instagram certification is how to get it?

There is no way to get it unless Instagram gives it to you. It certifies that you are well known and that you are the original account with that name. There are people with millions of followers that don’t have it.

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Here’s one of the older posts here explaining how you can try to get it:


Try it out.


Hi Adnan, I’m not able to see it. I’ve been a regular user of MPsocial.

Please do something for me and the other mpsocial users?


What do you expect adnan to do?


Instagram is the most difficult platform to get verified on. You’re better off trying to get verified on Facebook and Twitter and THEN trying to get verified on Instagram.

I was thinking if he could allow the people with a little badges to little information about these things too.

I have moved to other businesses now!

The regular users of mpsocial who have read most of the posts should atleast get access to a little more information on request.

Regular users get upgraded automatically when they contribute to the forum,then they can read private parts of it.

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If you want to read it there are two ways, one of them is contributing to the community, not just reading everything.

I can tell you there is nothing in that article that you want so badly for your “friend” (I am betting your friend’s name is Yash Chaudhary) that you can’t find or figure out wth some google searches.


The best way to apply is have a IG/FB partner apply on your behalf. You get access to partner managers when you have a significant ad spend on those sites. Even after submitting it’s up to IG to determine if your eligible


She is correct.

Is there a way to get verify

Any idea how much “significant” is?

do you know if the visibility of a certain account increases with the badge?