Hello from Asia,MPSocial is an amazing forum


I was lurking at BHW at the beginning.but now I love MPSOCIAL more,I have absorbed a wealth of information here.I hope to get some more interesting knowledge

Sorry for my English as not my mother tongue


Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here!


Hi @dyc168, welcome to the club


Welcome to the most interesting forum on the internet :slightly_smiling_face:


*the best forum on the internet


welcome onboard :wink: i hope You will enjoy time spent here


Welcome bro :))


A warm welcome from Africa! :upside_down_face:


Welcome to the forum! Nice to have you here.


This is the most informative forum I have found. You will discover a ton of great information


A warm welcome from chinese!


Wow, surprised that we have people from Asia here.
Welcome! :slight_smile:


this site is definitely more informational than BHW