Hello From Barcelona


Hola everyone,

I’ve been a member of this forum for a few months but just recently started reading. I figured it was time to introduce myself. :slight_smile:

I’m overwhelmed by the amounts of information in this forum and I’m really looking forward to connecting with the members. I really need to stop reading and start working!

My interests are IG, Facebook and Ecommerce which I have been in for the last 5 years.

It’s awesome to be here!


Welcome to the forum!


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Welcome, I’m in Madrid, I can help you with fb info



Welcome!!! I also lived in Spain some years ago! :wink:


Nice! We’ll definitely have to catch up then. Nice to meet you!


Hello @fuzileiro_2005! That is awesome. Where in Spain?


En Madrid .


Beautiful city!


Hiiii!!! Welcome!! I’m in Galicia! Good luck to you, my spanish fellow


Welcome @BangBang from Barcelona to our small attempt at world domination (insert evil laugh )

And @info2000 do you extend that over to ex-pat Australians in USA?


Bienvenido mi amigo!


So cool to see so many fellow spaniards around here! Good luck to you too!


Gracias @nomats! :slight_smile:


LOL! Cheers to that @theDoctor!


Welcome to the forum @BangBang!


Thanks @lazerlight! Happy to be here. :slight_smile:


Welcome buddy, from Barcelona too. Cheers.


Seriously? We should have a meetup. So many people, from around here. Thank you for the warm welcome! :slight_smile:


@theDoctor Yes!!!
what is your field of social domination?