Hello from Brazil - IG automation apprentice


Hi everyone. I’ve been learning about IG growth for the past 2 months, and I’ve started using Jarvee in July. Trying and testing different settings, was getting many blocks and I’m glad found this community now. I’m being brief on this introduction because my english is not fluent, but I will talk more about my social media journey as I learn and explore.
Thank you everyone


Hello my friend :sunglasses:

Glad to got ya by our sides ! Your english is fine.

Thank you for joining such a great community that is MP Social ! :star_struck:



Hi man! Welcome to the community. Be nice and helpful and you will surely meet some nice people around here!


thank you guys I really appreciate your welcome :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to this community. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay.


probably the hardest month to start IG automation

good luck and welcome


Welcome to this great community, I hope you will enjoy your stay. :sunglasses:

The more you contribute the faster you will reach level2 :slight_smile:


Heya good to have you on board look forward to seeing what you can bring to the community


Hey man!
I’m from Brazil too! Welcome to the Forum!


nice! thank you!
PS.: do you use Jarvee? if yes, do you have a list of blacklisted words in portuguese?


I’m also brazilian, good luck in your path


Welcome to the community! You’ll love it here


I do use jarvee but all the accounts I’m currently automating are in english, so I don’t have a blacklist in pt. I’ll probably have to make one soon though.


i see. what niches are you in your english language accounts?
CPS or CPA offers?


Actually, most of them are my own theme pages, and I just started monetizing with shoutouts. My most successful is car niche, kinda saturated but still gets really good and quick growth.