Hello from France, newbie here


I’m pretty new in the marketing/social media game. I used to run a Twitter account for a particular product I had, didn’t think much of it until Instagram showed me there was actual money in it. So I’m starting slow on Instagram, botting and automation overall - maybe some shop at the end of it. I’m also pretty good at finance/crypto and used to be an engineer now working part time as consultant in blockchain. For now this is just a hobby but heh, if I see return on the work I put in I might take it more seriously!



Hi there, welcome to the community.
What do you mean by a consultant for blockchain? What is it that you do?
I started a course on EdX about blockchain do you think it’s worth going through with it?

Je parle aussi français si tu préfères m’envoyer un DM.


Welcome to the society :slight_smile:


welcome to the forum


Bonjour my friend