Hello from India ! New here


i have been lurking around from past few days. forum looks pretty cool.
I can’t see any marketplace here? I have few services to offer for the community.


Welcome to mpsocial.

The marketplace is level 2. Before you try to sell anything, please send @Adnan a DM with what you want to sell. It’s $50 for a marketplace thread.


Welcome to the forum! As @wortime said, before trying to sell your services, you have to reach level 2, so you need to contribute to the community first.


Yes , already had a convo with admin and sent sample service to him.
Not sure if i have anything to contribute since i was into seo / web designing before.
I will try to engage with fellow members and learn / share what i already know.


AFAIK there is no need to work into level 2 if you are marketplace. I’m sure there are ways around that. I’ve seen people just open threads that had never been part of the forum before. So I’m sure it’s a simple click away.

Adnan is a busy guy, so it might take a few days, but he will get to you.


Cool then. Will wait for his response.
You’re really a “Nice Guy” hahaha…


That is entirely debatable and depends on a variety of factors. Just a word of warning, please do not sell to people via DM. That is the fastest way to get banned until 3019. And there are good reasons for it too.


Yupp…you’re from denmark.
People whom i met online from denmark are really good…:grin:


Me? Nope, 100% American raised European mutt. German, Irish, Polish, Swedish etc.


Lol.I know.
I am active on few other seo forums since 2012.


How do i quote a reply.:rofl:


Welcome Saty :slight_smile:
I’m 100% sure you will love this forum. It is has such a great community like you will sure find out soon.

Is the 50$ fee once, monthly or yearly?


already finding it interesting.:smile:


Highlight the text you want to quote and the option should appear.

Otherwise copy and past and start the line with


Cool. it works. :stuck_out_tongue: see, i said you are a nice guy


Welcome @SatyAjit ! It is a great place to learn and share knowledge for sure! Lot’s of great people here all working hard towards something :slight_smile:


Welcome to the paartay :+1::+1:


Been a couple days since I’ve been in this side of the forum but welcome to MP. I hope you actively participate in the discussion! nice to have you here


Yeah. I am trying to engage in discussion.
Though i dont have anything worthy to share…haha


haha I feel like that too but even after a day I am realizing that there are always things to share!