Hello from Italy looking for help and advice

Hello everyone
I found this website a day ago been really impressed with the layout and looking forward to learning here.
I’m developer starting work with internet in 1998
I work as system admin and my last work consist to make a CRM for local Telecom Company.
I’m looking for advice

This sounds more like sales thread than introduction :slight_smile:
Please don’t try to sell here without approval.

Welcome to forum and enjoy your stay.


Copy pasted intro from bhw.hahaaha

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2 post total 2 spam post.
Great job mate!


The title looks spammy but not the content.

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Hmm somethings not quite right here.

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The post got edited, surprise he’s not already banned. Clearly spam profile so far.

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Now also the title :sweat_smile:

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my mission is your satisfaction

Welcome! There’s a ton to learn!

Doesn’t looks like you got it :rofl::rofl:

Let’s see how far this goes :smiley:


“Part of the journey is the end”

Tony Stark - Avengers: Endgame.

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Welcome! Use the search function (top right)

hahaha, what does it mean?