Hello from London --->


After 20 years working for other people in electronics I changed my life and started a clothing brand (a real one that designs and makes clothing in London).
Here to improve my social media marketing knowledge and share the journey.

Happy to share what I’ve learned so far, but to me it seems that you need to learn how to use the platform and the tools, then find your own way.

Loving the forum already, so much great content shared and easy to understand (compared to BHW).



Welcome to the community!


Hi mate,

Good luck and welcome!


Welcome! Lots of info on here


Great to have you here


Nice to meet you sir! Welcome


Welcome people here are friendly and want to help. I worked for other people for years then started doing internet marketing 15 years ago, I retired at 45 and work for myself on my projects only, have to do things to keep me entertained social media marketing is challenging and fun to me I don’t need the $$ but it keeps the mind sharp :slight_smile:

You made a big jump from electronics to clothing congrats on making it work!!


Hey Avo,

I am in the same industry if you ever fancy a chat shoot me a DM and we can discuss ways to better both of our business