Hello from Los Angeles


what part of LA you live in, I live in Huntington beach an go back and forth to my dads in Victorville and travel back and forth to Coeur d alene, Idaho… if your ever down to meet let me know id love to chat in person about a few things il be back in socal 6/27-7/7 then back to Idaho


Hi there, and welcome to community :beers:


Welcome! Used to live in Southern California but it’s too damn cold for me, especially by the beach. Wouldn’t move back again

Anything under 80 Fahrenheit might as well be snowing


Thanks for the warm welcome. :beers:.

The east-side.

Thank you. I feel home here already.

I feel the opposite. I’m so happy that it’s been unseasonably cool this summer. Overcast days are the best.


what area do you live in tho… like whats a major intersection, I know the la area very very well


Welcome onboard :wink:


The weather is cold,in LA I heard :rofl:
nice to meet you here
best regards to you bro! :wink:


It’s supposed to rain tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to it.

Thank you for the welcome.


Welcome on board! Good to have you here :blush:


That’s awesome! After a year+ on JV and many years learning instagram growth strategies I’m finally beginning to start opening my own growth services to friends.


Welcome to onboard :slightly_smiling_face: Nice having you here :dizzy:


Welcome, now let’s get some :moneybag::moneybag:


Welcome here! :slight_smile:
Is it you on the avatar? :slight_smile:


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