Hello from Los Angeles

Hi everyone. I’ve been a long-time lurker, but the recent Instagram ban waves have motivated me to be more active in the community.

I’m looking forward to making more friends who are fellow internet marketers—especially other women (my username is deceptive :rofl:).

A little background on me: I’ve dabbled in internet marketing for 10+ years, but 2 years ago I went full time with my internet marketing business and content creation. I recently was fortunate enough to hit 6 figures in revenue, and hire my first full-time employee.

I really believe the sky is the limit with internet marketing! Looking forward to talking to you all more soon.


Welcome bro. And enjoy your journey here.


welcome to the board! tons to learn!


Same here! Females in IM seem for some reason to be few and far between🤔 I lurk often on MPsocial and BHW but come back to binge read every time there is a major update haha. Nice to meet you. What services do you focus on primarily for your clients?


Welcome to the club!
The forum is really friendly and people help each other here :slight_smile:


welcome here!


Hey, welcome to the forum, I’m not a woman, but I can be one if you need :wink:


Hi Breana,

Nice to meet you. I do a 50/50 split between content creation, and strategy+ managing my clients online presences. Recently, I’ve had a lot of demand for web development and SEO, from clients whose websites were the weak link in their marketing, so we’re branching into that as well.

What’s your focus?

Hi Jack! No need to swap genders to be friendly.

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

Thank you Adrian.

Thanks. It’s true, you can never know too much about internet marketing, when everything is always changing.

Thanks. I’ve noticed that people are very friendly and more forthcoming here than some other forums that I am a member of.

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Welcome Breana! I’m only a few days in here myself but find the community really supportive.

Welcome to the best forum :trophy:

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Hello and Welcome To MP Social!! We’re glad to have you here.
Enjoy your stay :slight_smile: and hopefully you will learn a lot !

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Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here

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Welcome, I am in the LA area and would love to learn more, if you have any part time work or need interns let me know. @Billisamidget

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Welcome here :partying_face:

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