Hello from Poland, 17 year old here :)


Cześć, cześć :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you!


Welcom anoard glad to have you here!


Welcome on board, mate! Lucky you are. Wish I started when I was 17 :slight_smile:


when I was 17, internet was still a tiny place. Lol


Hello ! Poland is a beautiful country, I have visited.


Brother, I was thinking the same thing! I too am polish, but I can’t speak it… so to @jedg12345 I say welcome!


When @Adnan responds to your thread, though! :open_mouth:


Viva warszawa

Welcome to the lightest place on the net :wink:

Enjoy your stay


This is actually such an unexpected thing. I wasn’t expecting so many Poles here like seriously :smile:


Welcome to the community! Great to see someone taking action so young!!



Welcome, there’s a lot to learn here.


Czołem przyjaciele!
Ja również z Polski. Z Warszawy… ale aktualnie mieszkam w Portugalii.