Hello From Tennessee!


Hey everyone! Or should I say “Hey Y’all” as we say in the south…

Been posting around the forum for a few weeks and getting to know the place. It’s truly the best marketing forum on the internet.

I’ve been in digital marketing for 12 or so years now. Lots has changed and it takes a place like this to keep you sharp. Glad I find MPSocial!


i totally agree with you. As time moves on it’s changing especially Instagram. I believe someone will come out with another app and do all what Instagram changed.


Wow, 12 years…
Thats a long time bro.
Welcome to the forum and good luck with your journey here.


Welcome to the forum!

I’m sure you already learned a lot from the few weeks you were here :slight_smile:


nice to see you here bro been in the hustle since 2011 too also happy that i found this community ,really different than most IM forums!
more active than private discord communities too !


Hi mate,

Welcome to the forum!

Looking forward to have you here.


Welcome, with your 12 years of marketing experience you will be helpfil for sure.


Old School Rulezzz :metal::sunglasses:


Welcome here man!


Welcome mate :slight_smile: 12 years experience bet you’ve seen a fair bit of change in that time!


Welcome!! I hope you can enlighten us with your experience! I am sure that you will be very valuable to this forum!

Have a nice week!


You’re Welcome! :clinking_glasses:


Hello Tennessee. I’m a Volunteer also. Nashville based.


Welcome to this forum, you can learn so many things here :ok_man:t4: