Hello! From The Land Of The Tea Drinkers


Hello. My names Josh, I’m 19 from England. I just found this forum last night and I was amazed. Firstly because the website is so clean, simple and 100x better than the other forums iv been active on. Secondly, the advice here is just gold I just keep finding new posts everyone with such useful advice!

I mainly just wanted to say hi and make my first post! I might make a journey post at some point in the future.

Thank you for reading my intro and I can’t wait to keep learning.


Hi Josh

Welcome, it’s nice here.
I am also a tea drinker :wink:

Looking forward to hearing about your journey


Hey Josh, I’m glad you like this forum, it really has the best community, you will enjoy your stay here for sure. Good luck with your journey! :grin:


100% i feel you there, mpsocial is one of the best forums i have ever come across, its like this little Paid VIP Special forums where the bosses share their secrets but in a bigger way everyone share their secrets here

Welcome My friend


Yes! I couldn’t have said it any better myself lol.


Hey Josh, UK myself…



Welcome Josh glad you joined the party :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard! I’m from the tea drinking land too :coffee:


Hi there fellow Brit


Welcome mate!


Welcome! I just arrived ten days ago, my brain is still overflowing with information!


Hey Josh Welcome to MP. It sure is a nice place to be, lots of information to digest and I hear there’s even more in the upper levels. See you around, any questions, just ask