Hello Greeting From Indonesia. :)


Wow sumba, Nihi watu is one of the best.


Welcome mate,

I love Indonesia, you live in a fantastic destination :blush:


Welcome to your second home brotha


welcome here!


Thanks man, yeah they have a lot of tourism destinations. I Agree with you.

Thanks bro. I hope i can learn and share a lot here.

Thanks bro


I was wondering to buy a fly to Bali the last weeks. Some days ago lost over 40% of clients via new Instagram update. No bali this year lol


I’m sorry to hear that.
Need new method so ou can take a trip again. hahaha


Try Lombok, it’s next door and way nicer.


Ya, lombok you can snorkeling and diving there.
Have you been there?


Yeah, love it.

I have been to Jakarta, Yogjakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Surakarta, Mt Bromo and Ijen, Probolinggo, Banyuwangi, Bali, Gilis and Lombok :slight_smile:


Oh wow, thats a lot of town that you have been visited.
Right now i’m in Jogjakarta.
So you’re travelling to borobudur, Bromo mountain and then you go to bali and lombok. Right?


Yeah, I did, seen Prambanam, Pindul and Jomblang cave too.

Yogjakarta area is very impressive. Recently seen a series on Netflix about Street Food and one of the sellers from Jalan Malioboro was featured there.

Makes me want to go back soon :blush:


oya, Which episode? suddenly i want to watch it.


I think the second one, it’s an old lady that serves some sort of breakfast :slight_smile:


Okay noted, i’ll find it. Thanks a lot.


Salam dari Indonesia juga :slight_smile:


How is going so far?