Hello Greeting From Indonesia. :)


I’m 27 Years old and from third world country Indonesia.
I wish I can learn and share a lot of things with you guys.
Right now I’m botting 100 accounts.
And trying to boosting my own ig account with M/C method.


welcome to the forum


Hello, welcome!


You live in a paradise.


Thanks bro. :grin:

Come to Indonesia bro. :+1:


Welcome to MPSocial! Love the islands in Indonesia :slight_smile:


Have you ever been to Indonesia? :grinning:


I have been to Bali. Where’s this?
I’m looking to explore Belitung really soon :slight_smile:


That is at Raja Ampat.
You should try. :+1:

Maluku Raja Ampat


selamat datang


halo gan, selamat datang di mpsocial.


Welcome to MP Social!


Welcome to the forum!
It’s nice here!


Welcome around! Would really love to visit your third world, yet amazing country one day!

Romanian lad here. Completely understand the struggle!


Wedeh halo bro

Halo juga gan

Thanks dude. :grinning:

Ya I know it’s warmer here not to bitter. hahaha

Hello, Romanian. I hope I can go to your country too…


welcome bro to Mpsocial
your from Indonesia that’s a really beautiful country love it


Welcome to the group!


Welcome, nice work on 100!


Yeah, come here bro.
Always summer. Hahaha

Thanks dude

Yap, thanks. it’s getting harder after new algothm.
But life must go on…


I visit sumba lastyear with my family. Very beautiful island