Hello guys. Is there any tools for Facebook audience research?

Hello guys. Is there any tools for Facebook audience research? I am running facebook ads for almost 6 months. Several of my ads are becoming worse and worse. It almost cost $4 for each click, I have to stop it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi there!

Unfortunately there is no such tool yet, but what I can recommend you is to use the micro budgeting strategy.

Depending on the country you advertise in, you will have your ad account in euros, dollars or whatever money is in your country.

The lowest you can go / adset is $1.5.

For the last 2 months I’ve been using the MB (Micro Budgeting) strategy with very good results in Romania.

Brand new pixel, brand new ad account.

Set up ABO with smallest amount of money (just exchange $1.5 in your currency) and let it cook for several days.

In my abo’s I did 40 adsets in day 1. Half lookalikes, half interests. The most OP audiences after 15 days are the Lookalikes.

Try to split your lookalikes like this

Engagement with Ads
Engagement with Messages
Engagement with saved posts
for both insta and fb.

Create 6 audiences for each option available in custom audiences. I usually go for 1%, 2%, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 8-10 for each option.

Also, if you had videos with ThruPlays, split them the same way. 25% video views 6 lookalikes, 50% video views 6 lookalikes and so on.

Now, when you start the ad sets, let them cook for 4 days straight. It will be a pain in the ass for the first 2 days if you’re unlucky, but after 48 hours they will sell for sure.

Try to go for audiences between 200k and 1 mil when you go for interests

Also, after 4-5 days, check the lifetime spent and cut the losers, keep the winners and create new adsets.

After each adsets has around $15-$20 lifetime spend, go for manual rules (if you dont know how to set them up the right way, hit me up in DM’'s)

The advantages of Microbudgeting strategy are higher CTR and better Cost per ATC.

There is also a downside. It works very well with products around €8-€15. Anything higher than that needs more budget or more days to wait until you make the very first sale.

With this method I was able to bring 200 sales since 4th august til today at a €4.5 CPA, but on this very specific account I am selling books worth of €11 each.

If you have any other questions, hit me up.


Very Nice! Very Nice! Very Nice!

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This is a very good guide.

IMO micro budgeting is the way to go in 2020

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I would love to share more strategies with people from the forum considering FB side of the forum is not that populated

but I don’t see much activity and wrong people can damage good techniques


Just to prove I am not bullshi*ing with the strategy, below you can find my results with micro budgeting for this account I was talking about.

The MB strategy brought conversions for an average of €3.9 / Purchase

Usually, without MB, the CTR is 30% lower with bigger budgets compared to the CTR in the screenshot below.

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Hi,what’s the OP?

Please tell me.

Think You

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€10,33 the avg.order value

Just read the advise from you. Bud, this is great. Will pm you later. So glad to have some one like you will share their fb ad strategy.

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Hey @bakedcookie, thanks a lot for the guide. I tried to PM you but your account seems to be private. Is there a way I can hit u up on PM?

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