Hello, how to remove this login error?

I think I had the same issue and it was happening because I had bad proxies. If you are using proxies it is very important to have a good and reliable proxies, because slow proxies could impact on your connectivity.

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Yeah that’s slow response time. Try testing different proxy with better response time and see if you’ll still have the same issue.

you need to have a least 500 ms response time to avoid those kind of errors and a reliable provider (some proxies just keep going down all the time)

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Yeah, under 500ms response time is a good value.

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Saying that ~1500ms is a bad response time without knowing what is being used is stupid.

Over-the-air technologies already have a higher ping by themself, combine that with routing the requests to the IG server, back to the modem, back to the location where Jarvee runs and you are easily in the 1000ms+

Add peering issues, Cell tower usage (most people are at home right now - which means even towers with a lot of capacity are simply full to the brim), your own usage and you end up with numbers way higher. In my tests, a Ping of 5000ms did not make a significant difference (given it depends on what you are trying to do, uploading a 25MB video is harder than doing F/UF)

If this is a normal Datacenter Proxy: there is an issue. For residential and Mobile: it depends.

Things you can do to remedy it:

  • Talk to your provider on what is going on
  • Move your server/installation closer to that of the Prover/Proxy location
  • Get a server with good peering to the proxy location
  • Switch to geographically closer proxies and hope that the new connection is any better

are you still getting error 505? if your proxy is showing valid status in Proxy Manager, you should be able to log in.