Hello - I'm Fahad and people call me Social Media KING

Hi fellows,

I’m not new to Mpsocial but just got active here again. I’ve been active on other forums.

I’m Fahad, 24 y/o from Pakistan. I’m an entrepreneur with a pretty diversified business portfolio.

I run a Digital Media Agency named Alecto Media – Specialized in Social Media Marketing & Monetizations - fb,ig,yt,google ads / social media verifications, PR (forbes,entprnr, dailymail etc)

I have been working on Facebook for over a decade now. Last year, I made a Million dollars from Facebook Performance Bonus Program in 4 months + made Half a million dollars through FB Instream Ads.

My case studies can be read on other forums, you can search on google with the keyword How I made Million Dollar case study, Fb Bonus Program.

I would love to help out this community related to Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat Marketing and Monetization.

You need to pay for SSL on your site man, also it says UK base on the site, yet google says pakistan. Assuming I have the right site?


Well done, Fahad!

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Cool! Welcome to the forum! Feel free to share your insights so far in here and let’s all help each other.

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No actually that was a temp site that got ranked, my site isn’t live, I’m more focused on what’s making money for me atm than a showcase website.

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Allgood was just googling you to see what you were about and that’s what showed

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welcome to Mpsocial

Lol you reply to some very old threads