Hello, I'm glad to joined this forum


Hello,I’m James nice to meet you all.
Best :pray: wishes from here.


Welcome to the forum James!


Good to have you here, James. Enjoy indulging in everything mpsocial has to offer!


Hi James :wink: nice to meet You


It’s means a lot for me, thank you so much.
I’m blessed to have you guy’s on broad.


Way to go @james793! I’ve recently joined and have been enjoying a lot. Here’s a tip. You know how you use Spotify and once you like a certain artist you go to his/her profile to see if there are other songs you’ll like? Here works the same way. Once you find someone that knows what he/she is talking about on a certain thread, click on their name and check out other posts/threads he/she has commented/created before, and indulge. All the best!!


Nice to meet you James :slight_smile:


@senna thank you, it’s pretty neat trick, didn’t knew about it.

@ugreenchocolate thank you for your warm wishes, mean’s a lot for me.


Welcome James! Have a good time with mpsocial :smiley:


Enjoy your mental health while it lasts on here and automating :sweat_smile:


Thank you…


Welcome James! :call_me_hand:


Glad to have you here.
Search around and enjoy all the great information!


Welcome to the best site on the planet :slight_smile:


Welcome home :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:


Have a nice stay James :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! You’ll love it hear. Lots to learn and take action on


Welcome!! and before someone screams at you…learn how to use the search box and read a lot! :slight_smile:


This is probably the best and most engaged forum on learning everything Online Marketing related, especially social media stuff.

Welcome to the forum and have a good experience. How do you like it so far?


Welcome James :v: